New excerpt from “Redeemer” – WARNING: Major plot spoiler.

I wrestled with the question of whether or not to post this. While it does not give away the fates of any of the characters, it does reveal a major plot point. If you don’t wish to read it, stop now.


Still here?

Then here we go…

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“The Shifting Sands” and “The Duel” Free on Kindle Now!

First of all, if you do not have a Kindle, do not fear! You do have a Kindle-enabled device. You are using it right now.

If you have a Windows or Mac PC, an Android, Blackberry, or iOS phone, you can download the free Kindle app for your device of choice – or for all of them. Then you can get the books that way. Also, as a bonus for Amazon Prime members, you get free books every month simply for being in Prime. Don’t miss out on that opportunity!


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“The Shifting Sands” free starting tonight – plus: “Redeemer” update!

As I said in yesterday’s post, I have completed uploading the revised edition of “The Shifting Sands” complete with new cover and the first ever print edition of the book. To celebrate this, the Kindle edition of “The Shifting Sands” will be available free on Amazon for the next two days, starting at midnight tonight.

After that, starting Monday, the Kindle edition of “Firedancer” will be free, and then “Snake Charmer”.

The sci-fi short “The Duel” will also be free this weekend along with “The Shifting Sands” because why not?

Now, onto some progress reports on the final installation of “The Serpent’s Song” series:

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Update and excerpt from “Redeemer”

It has been a long few months since I last updated. The introduction of my son to my family has, understandably, had some dampening effects upon my time and ability to write. As life has resettled into a semblance of normalcy, however, I am picking back up.

I have continued working during this long break. Just not as much as I would like to. For example, I created a blog on the game I have talked about several times, “Star Citizen”, which is designed as a primer for new players. You can view it here: I have also done some new work in the fan fiction set in that universe, “Transitions” – not posted yet, but I have been working. The earlier works are available here:

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“The Merchant Council” – excerpt from “Redeemer” (~2,100 words) (WARNING: Some spoilers)

I am now reaching the point in “Redeemer” where updates will contain some spoilers.  If you are a reader of “The Serpent’s Song” series and don’t want any spoilers, don’t read on.  However, I will offer that I do not believe these spoilers to be particularly earth-shaking and I do enjoy feedback from my readers.

You have been warned – read on only if you want to learn some new things.

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Some more from “Redeemer” – Khiptri Awakens (~1,000 words)

I like to share my progress, but I want to avoid spoiling anything major.  So here is a segment of a chapter that basically acts as a recap for the character Khiptri. Also, it is worth noting that I’m now at what I consider 10% “complete” – by complete, I mean at least 10% of the book is in a state I would consider publishable.  Not just rough draft, but something I would let others read.

Khiptri Awakens

Khiptri dozed and drifted from one world to another. The red skies eventually faded as he floated in limbo. At some moments it seemed as if he was moving. Other times he was still and swaddled. The pain in his side would grow and fade. He was hot and then cold. Something burned through his veins. He could hear his heartbeat.

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“A Lonely Wake” from “Redeemer” (~1,000 words)

As before, there isn’t much for spoilers here, unless you haven’t read “Snake Charmer” – the second book in “The Serpent’s Song” As always, I enjoy any feedback – positive or negative.  Please do not hesitate to post comments, send me email, or go to my Facebook Page and like/comment there. Also, I am still looking for answers on your favorite character from the series so far – please take the time to fill out the simple (one page) survey:

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