“The Shifting Sands” and “The Duel” Free on Kindle Now!

First of all, if you do not have a Kindle, do not fear! You do have a Kindle-enabled device. You are using it right now.

If you have a Windows or Mac PC, an Android, Blackberry, or iOS phone, you can download the free Kindle app for your device of choice – or for all of them. Then you can get the books that way. Also, as a bonus for Amazon Prime members, you get free books every month simply for being in Prime. Don’t miss out on that opportunity!


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“The Shifting Sands” free starting tonight – plus: “Redeemer” update!

As I said in yesterday’s post, I have completed uploading the revised edition of “The Shifting Sands” complete with new cover and the first ever print edition of the book. To celebrate this, the Kindle edition of “The Shifting Sands” will be available free on Amazon for the next two days, starting at midnight tonight.

After that, starting Monday, the Kindle edition of “Firedancer” will be free, and then “Snake Charmer”.

The sci-fi short “The Duel” will also be free this weekend along with “The Shifting Sands” because why not?

Now, onto some progress reports on the final installation of “The Serpent’s Song” series:

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Update and excerpt from “Redeemer”

It has been a long few months since I last updated. The introduction of my son to my family has, understandably, had some dampening effects upon my time and ability to write. As life has resettled into a semblance of normalcy, however, I am picking back up.

I have continued working during this long break. Just not as much as I would like to. For example, I created a blog on the game I have talked about several times, “Star Citizen”, which is designed as a primer for new players. You can view it here: http://bsvcflightschool.wordpress.com. I have also done some new work in the fan fiction set in that universe, “Transitions” – not posted yet, but I have been working. The earlier works are available here: https://ariccatron.wordpress.com/2013/08/29/the-bengtsdotter-stendahl-voyage-corporation-1192-words/.

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“The Shifting Sands” free today on Veteran’s and Remembrance Day

shiftingsandspromo“The Shifting Sands”, a book written by a soldier about the war in Iraq and dealing with PTSD back home, is available on Kindle and Kindle-enabled devices.

“The Shifting Sands” is “A well written book of a ‘fictional’ (I will use that term loosely here) series of events that lets people see into the mindset of a Soldier as he becomes who he will be for the rest of his days.” – Amazon Review.

And “Anyone who has served or have family that has served should read this book, if only to get a better understanding of what really happens while ‘over there’. ” – Amazon Review.

Follow the link to get it free:

“Snake Charmer” is free; I’m featured on other sites, and more!

Well, life has been very busy for me lately.  As you may have read in my previous update, I have had sick children – to include a broken leg – a wife in a car accident, and issues with the Veteran’s Administration clogging up my time and stressing me out.  As such, I was not writing at a level I wanted.

Things are starting to smooth out, however, and I hope soon to be back at full steam.  I’m still writing, but not doing my usual several-thousand words a day.  No, for those of you wondering, I have not started on “Redeemer: Book III of The Serpent’s Song” yet, beyond outlining.  You will know the day I start it, I assure you.  And, as with “Snake Charmer”, you will see regular updates on my progress.

Speaking of The Serpent’s Song series, “Firedancer” was free on Amazon last weekend and did pretty good.  “The Duel” was free the weekend before that, and did equally well.  This weekend it will be “Snake Charmer” – free from Friday through Sunday on Kindle.

Some of you may remember that my musing on writing action using Iceberg theory became a featured article on the “Eat, Sleep, Write” Podcast website.  Well, in the intervening weeks, Adam, the editor over there, asked if I had any fiction he could put up.  As it happened, I did – part of “Competition” I have yet to release anywhere else.  So I now have some fiction as well as a lesson featured on “Eat, Sleep, Write”.  You can find it here.  For those of you who have followed the previous sections of “Competition” (“Reggie” and “Collared“, respectively) this segment, “Alice” falls between those two to complete the narrative as far as I have released it.

I also put out some more work in my fan-fiction piece, “Transitions”, set in the universe of the up-coming game, “Star Citizen.”

So, all in all, I’ve managed to be fairly productive despite the real world interfering.  And I hope to push myself back into full-time writing ASAP.

Collective Update (including “The Duel” free promo on Amazon):

It has been a while since I last posted anything, and I have made up for it somewhat by including two new excerpts of shorts – one is the continuation of the fan fiction series “Transitions”, and the other is part of a new sci-fi/futurist short set in the same world/universe as “The Duel”.

Also, “The Duel” is finally live on Amazon and will be free starting tonight at midnight.

So, what have I been up to?  Well, about two weeks ago now, my wife was t-boned by an inattentive driver who ran a stop sign.  She has whiplash and the vehicle she was driving is a total loss – but, all in all, it could have been worse.

daddyandshaylaThen, a few days later, the youngest child became ill with a cold/flu thing.  A few days after that, the middle child broke her leg playing on furniture (kids: listen to your parents, we have rules for a reason!).  With my wife’s injuries, and two kids down sick/injured, as well as dealing with insurance, I have been extra busy.

And, finally, the government shutdown leaves the status of my VA benefits in some doubt.

Things are settling down into a “new normal” now, however, and I can finally update.

So, here are some links to what I have been doing:

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I keep forgetting to update here…

First of all, “Snake Charmer” is complete and up on Kindle and in print – clicky to get.

I know, I know – I’m horrible at advertising stuff.  I’ll do better starting in August when I plan on actually advertising “Firedancer” and “Snake Charmer” and offering some promos.

Up next:the introduction from a sci-fi short I’m working on, tentatively titled “The Duel”