“The Shifting Sands” is Live on Kindle


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The Shifting Sands” – a war story, a coming of age tale, and a harsh look into the reality of PTSD and soldiers, is now available on Kindle for $2.99 and free on Amazon Prime.

This book started out as a NaNoWriMo project which blossomed into an intensely personal look into my own past and my own demons.  It was written by a soldier, using his own experiences to weave a fictional tale grounded solidly in reality, and then vetted by other soldiers who went through similar experiences.

In short, I believe, it is as accurate a portrayal of the maze of emotions, memories, and struggles of war and PTSD as I can write.  For this reason, I am releasing it – something I otherwise might have kept to myself due to the personal nature of what is contained within the pages.

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Those of You Reading Firedancer Please Read This

Kindle version or paperback – I would love to know your thoughts on the book.  I would also be very thankful if you shared the following link with your friends and family who do not have the book and let them know that it is currently at a sale price for the holidays.

So a little feedback on the Facebook page or here on my blog as to what you think of the book would be great – and word of mouth advertising to your friends and family on your social media site helps me as well.  The link to the book is:


Consider Buying Indie This Year For Christmas Presents!

Tomorrow starts “Cyber Monday” – when retailers like Amazon.com offer their version of Black Friday deals.  Amazon has actually already started, you can see some of the deals here.

I would like to call attention to a few indie authors out there, myself included, that you might want to look into for gifts for Christmas.  Most of these authors are published in both traditional and Kindle formats.  Also, before we get into that, I would highly recommend the Kindle Fire as a great mid-level gift for those new to eReaders and Tablet PCs.  The Fire is especially a good idea for young adults as it is a combination Tablet PC and eReader, but right now is retailing for $160.  It isn’t as powerful as an iPad 2 or as versatile as a Kindle Fire HD, but at $160 you can’t beat it.

Now, onto some books (note: if you have a family member who owns a Kindle you can also “gift” Kindle purchases to them as well.

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