“The Shifting Sands” in Print With New Cover – and Free Book Giveaways!

soldier (1)

And with little fanfare, there is the new cover, designed by artist Don Graham after reading a description of Mike Ritz and the ideas I wanted to convey: a soldier trapped in two worlds.

The reveal of this cover also serves as the reveal for something equally important: “The Shifting Sands” is now in print form! It has taken me a while to get to this point. If you recall, I never intended to publish “The Shifting Sands” at all. It was simply a labor of love for me.

However, demand for the book was more than I ever imagined. Its sales in the Kindle store outstripped “Firedancer” or “Snake Charmer“, which are genre fiction and should do better than a short, semi-biographical, piece on war and PTSD.

I’ve had people, from relatives to strangers, asking me when I was going to get this in print. So I spent some time working on that, and doing some minor revisions, while Don was designing the cover.

And now, after months of extra work, it is completed.

So, to celebrate this, I am putting the Kindle version of “The Shifting Sands” up for free this coming weekend, August 2nd and 3rd, 2014. Following that, on Monday, August 4th, “Firedancer” will be free for two days, and then again “Snake Charmer“. This is your chance to get all of them, if you haven’t already, at no cost (I do ask for reviews and shares if you find you enjoy them – and if not, comments, emails, whatever to tell me what I did wrong so I can work to better myself.)

I will also have my short “The Duel” up for free for the weekend just because I can.


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