A teaser from “Redeemer”

“Bes would never do that, Nin Rubati. I know him. He is a teacher and very wise. If you would just talk to him and tell him the truth, he’d understand. And nobody would go against Bes.”

Rubati shook her head.

“He cannot be trusted with this, Emyni. It is too important. The fate of a Goddess is not something you put in the hands of an Asipu, or a Prince, or even a King. Bes has failed to protect you, and the Gage, once already. The Mualan will not give up. They will continue to come after you, to seek you out and steal you, and the Gage, away to use for their own evil purposes. There are dozens of us priestesses, with a retinue of soldiers from Siqma’al’s family, to protect you. A single Asipu, a few Kin, and a young prince are no comparison. We can better protect you and we will not work against your interests. We will use the Gage as it was meant to be used – to free our Goddess, to find your father, and to return the world back to the way it was meant to be. They simply want to separate you from the Gage and take you home.”


“Emyni,” Erabbi spoke gently. “We cannot force you to do anything. But we beg you: don’t meet with them, don’t listen to them.”


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