Transitions, Part I: An Erik McKetten Tale (774 words)

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Origin Jumpworks 315p

Origin Jumpworks 315p

Continuing with my exercise in short stories based on the Star Citizen universe, here is the first part of the greater story I am writing to help create my game character and his history.  The first part of this, the backstory, can be found here.

Transitions, Part I: An Erik McKetten Tale

She had red hair. Like his mother, like him. Of course, his mother’s red hair wasn’t curly, was usually worn long and braided, and kept religiously clean. The girl’s hair was short, curly, and so dirty it stood out against against the dingy metal walls of the lounge. She couldn’t have been much older than he was when he joined the UEE Army. And, judging by her appearance, her life wasn’t going any better than his did back then. Just another scrapper on the drift.

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The Bengtsdotter-Stendahl Voyage Corporation (1,192 words)

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Concept art of Cathcart, one of the lawless systems in Star Citizen – Copyright 2012/2013 Cloud Imperium Games Corp (CIG) (US)

I have a fun and unique opportunity in the realm of Fan Fiction: Chris Roberts, creator of the Wing Commander and Privateer series of space trading and combat simulations, as well as Starlancer and Freelancer, is busy creating a new, entirely crowd-funded, space combat simulation complete with MMO elements called Star Citizen.

I am an original backer, as is a real world friend of mine.  Both of us have been called Vikings by friends and acquaintances due to our distinctly Celtic/North European appearance and penchants for wild beards.  As part of this mini “cult of personality”, we jokingly decided to call our little clan in the upcoming game the “Bearded Space-Viking Collective” or BSVC, for short.

The opportunity comes from the unprecedented access to game lore the creators are giving backers prior to any form of release.  They even created a “Writer’s Guide” to give those of us who like to write stories the same information used by the game designers in writing their own stories.

With that in mind, and my love of creating worlds and characters, I decided to go ahead and turn BSVC into something more than just an amusing anecdote.  Therefore, I have begun to flesh out the history of BSVC and where the name actually comes from.  I will also be writing several short stories to flesh out my own in-game character, Erik “The Cat” McKetten.  For now, here is the brief history of BSVC I have come up with:

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“Contact” – more from the sci-fi short, “The Duel” (~2900 words)

Read the introduction to “The Duel” here.


Cyril arrived to replace Jennifer two hours after lockdown. Joe moved to the navigator’s seat, and Jen replaced him at the sensor station. Mac and Mike were still in the back of Tellus, monitoring the two nuclear reactors providing power to the ship.

“Daedalus, we’re T-minus nineteen minutes. 0641:11 marked.”

Mac and Mike made their way up to the command module. Mike strapped into the engineering station, Mac sealed the hatch behind them and grabbed one of the crew seats.

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