Details in Denny’s (part of a much longer short about my late friend, Aaron Rader)

Denny’s was where Rader’s storytelling would truly shine. Many a night in Denny’s would last until dawn and as such required we provide our own entertainment. Some nights would begin with dozens of teens but wind down to just a few of us reading books, talking, or playing games. I did more than my fair share of homework, reading, and just plain crossword puzzles in Denny’s at three in the morning. Rader’s stories often provided much needed entertainment. They never followed a straight line, but branched in tangents and then curved back to the original story only to shoot off at a right angle again. Such tales could run for hours, which was useful when one was bored but had nowhere else in quiet Lewis County to go.

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“The Duel” (first ~1,500 words of a Sci-Fi short)

The Duel

A speck, a tiny point of light in an endless blanket of darkness, moving at a galactic snail’s pace – but at speeds humanity never before achieved. She shook her head. Despite her doctoral degrees, five years working on the project, and over a month into the flight, she was ever astounded at their achievement.

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I keep forgetting to update here…

First of all, “Snake Charmer” is complete and up on Kindle and in print – clicky to get.

I know, I know – I’m horrible at advertising stuff.  I’ll do better starting in August when I plan on actually advertising “Firedancer” and “Snake Charmer” and offering some promos.

Up next:the introduction from a sci-fi short I’m working on, tentatively titled “The Duel”