Final “Teaser” for “Snake Charmer”

Now, I am very close to being completed with “Snake Charmer” so this will be (probably) the final excerpt/teaser – from the final chapter:

 “I beg your pardon, Nin, but the men have all been sold.”

Emyni’s heart skipped a beat.

“There was a brick maker for sale. Was he sold as well?”

The auction master looked to Mardukai and back.

“Yes…yes, Nin, some time ago. I am sorry if you were seeking a brick maker.”

Emyni flexed her right hand. An electric thrill started in her palm.

“Very well. I will take these women for service in the temples.”

She started towards the dais. The crowd parted – whether out of respect, fear, or some subconscious instinct, she didn’t care. They parted.

The power. They sense it. They feel it. All humans have a deep yearning for something more. Something they missed, something they don’t understand. It is always on the cusp of their existence – just out of reach. It is a word forgotten on the tip of their tongues, it is a memory dancing just outside of recollection. The people here, Ganz’ubi, they know something is coming – the storm they awaited, the truth they have desired. It is coming, they feel it in their souls.

“It will take more than the offer to purchase them all, Nin. If you would like to bid on them individually…”


She stopped midway between the dais and the buildings, in the center of the crowd. The people stepped back, like the souls in her dream, giving her a wide berth.

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