“Snake Charmer” is done – that is right, complete!

Writing is finished, editing is going through a final stage.  In the meantime, for those who have been getting it in parts, Part VI is live and will be free all weekend – from Friday to Sunday – on Amazon.

Who I Am Not: Part VI of Snake Charmer

Who I Am Not: Part VI of Snake Charmer


Final “Teaser” for “Snake Charmer”

Now, I am very close to being completed with “Snake Charmer” so this will be (probably) the final excerpt/teaser – from the final chapter:

 “I beg your pardon, Nin, but the men have all been sold.”

Emyni’s heart skipped a beat.

“There was a brick maker for sale. Was he sold as well?”

The auction master looked to Mardukai and back.

“Yes…yes, Nin, some time ago. I am sorry if you were seeking a brick maker.”

Emyni flexed her right hand. An electric thrill started in her palm.

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