Excerpt from Chapter 29 of “Snake Charmer”

The soldier led them back towards the camp and a trough cut into the dune by the traffic of the Kin and Igibarra. Bes, Mel’k, and Haseen followed.

“You’ll have to dismount here. The rains have made the dunes too unstable for the animals. The camels won’t even attempt it – they know better.”

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From Chapter 28 of “Snake Charmer” – Kings and Gods

The shock of rain stopped with the same sudden ferocity as it began. The soft sands of the Great Fair turned to mud, and rivulets of brown water ran through the harder packed dirt of the streets and paths. Shamash burned through the clouds and a mist followed, rising from the ground in a smoldering fog of steam. The mist and fog created by the sun heating the wet earth created a layer of white and grey vapor rising to just above the camels’ knees. The camels, stinking of wet fur and dripping, plodded along, unperturbed.

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