Progress on “Snake Charmer” – almost ready to release first 3 parts.

Thanks in part to the commitment of Camp NaNoWriMo, I have reached a point in “Snake Charmer” where I am about 1/2 way through the story.  This has also put me in the position to be able to release the first three parts of the story, at about 60-70 pages each, on Kindle.

Doing it in parts like this affords some positive benefits:

  1. For those who absolutely can’t wait for “Snake Charmer”, they get a chance to read it as soon as possible.
  2. If they pay attention to promotions or use the Kindle Lending Library, they could – in theory – get all of “Snake Charmer” for free.
  3. I get a chance to “edit as I go”, making sure all of it lines up right and has the right tone.
  4. I get feedback from readers as I go.
  5. Very important one: the free promos of the books helps to generate interest in them.  It may also generate interest in “Firedancer” and “The Shifting Sands”.
  6. One of the cornerstones of Amazon Marketing is “Quantity is everything” – the more books out there with your name on them, regardless of length, the more likely your name becomes one people recognize.

So I will be spending the weekend not writing so much as formatting for Kindle.  I hope to have the first part out next week, the second part the week after, etc.

I have also found, in the past, it helps to motivate me to write even more when I break it down into smaller parts.  Don’t know why – maybe the task seems less daunting or it is because I know there are people out there waiting for the next segment of the tale.  It worked well with “Firedancer.”

So, keep your eyes peeled!


Participating in Camp NaNoWriMo (NaNoWriMo for April) with Snake Charmer

You will be able to keep up with my stats and such here:

This will help me focus on getting this book done quickly.