Book Blurb and Forward for “The Shifting Sands”

I’m finalizing formatting and editing on “The Shifting Sands” – the war/coming of age novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo that is based heavily on my own experiences with the war and PTSD.  As I tweak it, I thought I’d share the book blurb (description) and the forward I included to explain the piece:


It’s Christmas, 2003, and Mike Ritz is home on leave from the war in Iraq. He kept his homecoming a surprise and plans on having a fun-filled two-weeks with family and friends, booze and parties.

But Mike doesn’t come home alone. He quickly finds that he brought the war with him – and, despite his attempts to do so, he can’t escape it or what it has done to him.

Mike’s vacation from the war becomes a hectic gauntlet of friends and family who don’t seem to understand what happened to him, memories of Iraq that spring unbidden and unwanted to the forefront of his thoughts, and the brutal realization it wasn’t the real world that changed – it was himself.

“The Shifting Sands” is a chronicle of Mike’s time in Iraq and attempt to return home. It is a brutally honest, unapologetic, look inside the mind of a soldier, written by a soldier.

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Phew. Lots of work, almost done.

For the month of February I have been focusing my work entirely on editing “Firedancer” for minor issues in preparation of adding it to Smashwords.

The process has been long – I have been reading backwards to do it right (one paragraph at a time from the bottom up) so that I don’t get stuck in the trap of following the story and forgetting the editing.

But I am down to 10 chapters left.  When that is done I can finalize the format, give it a quick once-over, and hopefully port it to Smashwords for expanded eBook distribution.

I might even do some sort of “Second Edition” release deal.