In Sickness and In School…

For the past three weeks I have been one of the many unfortunates to battle the Influenza epidemic rushing through the United States (at the same time Winter Quarter started in College).  Consequently I haven’t done much work on “Snake Charmer”, “Firedancer”, or “The Shifting Sands.”

What work I have done isn’t my best and will probably get heavily rewritten.  I don’t write well when I am under the weather.

However, I have come out of it and am feeling much better.  Mild sniffles and sometime headache are all that is left over.

So, an update on everything:

“Snake Charmer” – is at the 100 page mark or so but on hold while I work on some other things.

“Firedancer” – is one of those other things.  I am doing another edit of it.  Today is the last day it is exclusive for Amazon and now I want to push it out to other eBook platforms via Smashwords.  I am hoping, by the end of February, you will be able to get “Firedancer” on Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, etc.  But, before I do that, I want to take care of any small mistakes that made it into the first edition and do a little retconning that will make it line up with a few things in “Snake Charmer”(mostly replacing English words/measurements with their Urnamu equivalent.)

“The Shifting Sands” – my NaNoWriMo project – because of the emotional toll of writing that one I have let it sit for about a month now.  I am still debating how I am going to release it as it is very adult themed with the violence and cursing and realistic depiction of dealing with PTSD and war.

I am also wondering do I self publish or submit it as part of a query to an agent?  While I contemplate that and shop around for possible agents I will work on another rewrite when I am mentally ready to face it again.

Finally, but most important, my goal of raising $100 for Abra Hall was met by the end of December.  I will be cutting her a check next week to help pay for her medical bills!


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