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I can’t actually remember who gave me this advice. It might have been some wizened old crone rummaging through the entrails of some poor slaughtered lamb, or maybe I just read it on a website somewhere. But the entrail story has more cred, so let’s run with that.

Never finish a writing session by finishing off a scene.

Even if you’re in the grip of the muse and the words are flowing like cheap hooch at an Irish wedding (I’m Irish before you get offended), stop before you finish. If you can bring yourself to do it, stop in the middle of a sentence. Using the Slaughtered Lamb Entrail Method™, you’ll find that you’re keen to get back to the page when your next day’s writing session begins. Moreover, you won’t be stuck at the beginning of a new scene, staring at the flashing Cursor of Doom and wondering what happens next. You’ll always have something to pick up and run with.

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In Sickness and In School…

For the past three weeks I have been one of the many unfortunates to battle the Influenza epidemic rushing through the United States (at the same time Winter Quarter started in College).  Consequently I haven’t done much work on “Snake Charmer”, “Firedancer”, or “The Shifting Sands.”

What work I have done isn’t my best and will probably get heavily rewritten.  I don’t write well when I am under the weather.

However, I have come out of it and am feeling much better.  Mild sniffles and sometime headache are all that is left over.

So, an update on everything:

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