A Long Overdue Update

With my father getting out of the hospital (hooray!  He went from “No hope for survival” to “Go home” in a month!), finals, and preparation for the holidays I have not been very diligent in my writing or my updating this blog or my Facebook page.  This had led to some pleasant surprises.

I have done fairly well in Kindle sales of “Firedancer: Book I of The Serpent’s Song” even without the advertising.  It is moving on it’s own.  And the majority of referrers (55%) have been from Facebook: meaning that people who have the book and have read it are telling others to do the same.  That is the best kind of promotion out there!  Word of mouth means you have something that people are enjoying.

Speaking of enjoying: the book has also earned three “Five Star” reviews on Amazon.com – all from adults, no less – not the target audience.  And what, in my opinion, is the greatest homage of them all: Shelfari extras were added about the main characters by someone other than me.  Someone who read the book then took the time to write up something about each of the characters and, for the most part, did a pretty good job.  I had written my own Shelfari stuff but it never got posted (Amazon being Amazon) so I was pleased to see that someone else did it.  It also means to me that the person who wrote that felt connected enough with the characters to want to tell other people about them.

The books still remain on sale at $8.99 for the paperback, $4.99 for the kindle.  This sale will continue through Christmas (you can still order in the next six days on Amazon and get free two day shipping).

Finally.  If you recall, in a previous post, I mentioned that half of the royalties earned from “Firedancer” in November would go to help the Abra Hall Cancer Fund.  I have decided to extend the deadline of that to the end of December.  Already sales of “Firedancer” have generated enough royalties to give Abra $91 towards her cancer fund – I would like to make it an even $100 at a minimum.  So I will let the promotion continue to run it’s course.

Now, back to writing!


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