Real Life Interferes With Fiction:

The lack of updates since Friday is due to my father being very sick (as in “Critical Care Unit at the VA Hospital” sick) – he has stabilized as much as can be expected for someone in his condition but it will very much be touch-and-go over the next few days, weeks, and even months.

Initially I was considering cancelling much of Real Life – but as time has gone on and the hospital has wore me down I have realized that I cannot simply put everything on hold.

My time at the VA Hospital and Centralia Providence Hospital has given me some insight for future writing to include a new addition to “The Shifting Sands” which I will be writing shortly after this post.

Another insight I gained, in relation to “Firedancer” – I knew that Duseg, Emyni’s father, gained much of his personality from my own father but it wasn’t until I spent hours staring at him at the hospital that I realized that Duseg, for all intents and purposes, IS my father even physically.  My father has a bit more hair than Duseg but otherwise they are one and the same.  Which gave me hope: in “Firedancer” Duseg faces challenges that would break weaker men but he powers on through sheer force of will.  I had subconsciously written into Duseg an aspect of my father’s own personality and strength – the same strength that is fighting his sickness right now.

As of today there have been no changes in plans for the event on Saturday.  I will be there to sign the books and meet people.  If I seem a little tired or haggard you know why; but my father would not want me to stop everything because he is ill.  There is nothing I can do at the hospital but sit and stare – at the expense of the rest of my family.


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