Down to the home stretch…

“Firedancer” has less than 4 chapters, about 10,000 words on my average, until Book I of “The Serpent’s Song” is completed.  If my plans go well I have the rough drafts of those four chapters done this weekend.  I hope to have editing finished next week and be ready to put Part V up.  That gives me another week for editing and formatting for full book release as well as print edition – my target of having it up on Oct. 31 is well within my grasp.

Conservatively it looks like “Firedancer” will be 300 print pages, ~75,000 words, more than I originally planned on.

All in the all, the writing of “Firedancer” has been quite the remarkable learning experience.  When an author normally sits down to write a book they have an idea of what they are going to write and why – in the case of “Firedancer”, I was asked to write a book by my daughter for her based on what she likes to read: Young Adult Fantasy.

“Harry Potter” it ain’t – but something she seems to enjoy, and others are buying and reading online as well, suggests that I hit pretty darn close to the mark.  And I fell in love with some characters I never realized I knew.


Like it? Hate it? Tell me your thoughts!

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