Forcing Myself To Do More:

I have recently given myself a goal that I think is easily attainable.  In the process of coming up with that goal I decided to make it slightly more difficult: not only do I want Firedancer ready for print by October 31, which is roughly 15-20k words more to complete, but I want to add in, at a minimum, another 500 words per chapter that decidedly improves each chapter and the overall story.

Why?  Because I think it would be fun to challenge myself to tell more story than I feel necessary.  Also, I feel that the more that goes into the first book, the more I have to draw on for the second and third books.

It was the inclusion of extra characters and a broader storyline in the first place that turned Firedancer into an ensemble piece from a standard “Coming of Age” fantasy tale.  It ballooned the outline from a single novel to a minimum of a two, probably three, book story arc.

So why not push myself?  If I know what I am doing will be fairly easy then I should certainly increase the difficulty  I don’t want to get stuck in a writing rut of doing “just enough” this early in my career.


Like it? Hate it? Tell me your thoughts!

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